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  Cygnuspower, established in 2008, is specialized in the development and manufacturing of the wind turbine systems.

Our major products are the small scale vertical axis wind turbines competitive in cost, installation, and management relative to more widely seen horizontal axis wind turbines.

In addition to the small scale, we are developing the mid and large scale vertical axis wind turbines. We are also doing works on tidal power generation systems.

Cygnuspower's wind turbine is an innovative type of VAWT based on the technology of aeronautical engineering.

Generally, operating force of wind turbines is either lift force or drag force.

But Cygnuspower VAWT utilizes both of lift and drag force, therefore it has higher efficiency than the other types of wind turbines. It takes any wind, slow and fast from any direction, and starts with very low wind speed. Its structure is very simple, and generates almost no noise and vibration. It is easy to install and to maintain. It is safe to the surroundings and is friendly to community.
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